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Faith and Service is a collection of songs to honor and recognize both the ones who came to serve and those who serve. As many of you know, my faith is a big part of all that I do. When I picked my confirmation scripture verse, “All is possible to he who believes”, little did I know the path I would take 40 years later and how much that scripture would still mean to me.


Many of you also know that I have made a point of standing up with and standing up for those who serve. I have always been deeply touched at how someone can so selflessly put their life on the line for another’s safety, protection and freedom. My hope is that we never take these things for granted! I was so pleased with what the instrumentalists put together that I have also included the instrumental track of each song.




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For You and For Me
(Video produced by Donna Mucks and Brian Moonan Productions)
August, 2012

In 2009 the Central New York area lost two young Marines in less than a month to the war in Afghanistan and although I did not know them or their families, I attended the moving arrival ceremonies and wakes. As emotions stirred after LCPL Daniel J. Geary's wake I crossed the street to my car and began writing this song. I completed it after the second blow was dealt to the community with the death of LCPL Blaise A. Oleski. I also met the wonderful Patriot Guard Riders at these events "with their heads and flags held high".



"As a fellow instrumentalist and singer, and a Vietnam veteran, I find Donna's song, For You And For Me, to reawaken my support for our active duty servicemen and Veterans every time I hear it. GO GIRL!"

                                                                   Dick Satterly - Veteran and Mohawk Valley Bluegrass Association President


"Donna's song, For You And For Me, artfully puts into words what I feel each time I hear the bad news that another soldier has fallen. It's what a tribute should be, sincere and moving."

                                                                     Mary Ann Smith - Artist


"Donna, thank you so much for your tribute to the American Veteran in your song, For You And For Me. I am a U.S. Army Vetnam Era Veteran and your song really hit home with me. It was a long time ago, but I still remember the anguish suffered by many families of those killed in action. God Bless You."

                                                                      Bob Cieslak - Veteran and Songwriter


"Donna, thank you for your song, For You And For Me. What a better way to say thanks to our troops for doing what they do, for your and for me. You have a voice of an angel and I love listening to you sing."

                                                                      Donna Willson - Friend


 Other Music Tracks on Faith and Service CD:

A New Normal

The inspiration for A New Normal came from listening to and reading stories of wounded warriors and from a story told to me by someone I now call friend, a warrior of a different kind. I was amazed by his continued love of life and desire to move on, in his "new normal". Life for all of us changes for many reasons and things do indeed become different, but "different's not bad, it's only different".

Officer Down

I am excited that Faith and Service contains my first collaboration. Officer Down is a beautiful poem written by a friend, Robert Cieslak, a former police officer and retired public servant. When asked by his sister to put it to music, I discovered that the beautiful old Irish aire, Slane, fit perfectly. I am honored to have had the opportunity to arrange this song and to sing it on the CD.

Faith in the Sky

True story! I wish I had exchanged more vital information with Viera. I would love to share this song with her. It wasn't until we were parting and I asked her name that I knew "there was a song in that".

Sea of Galilee

Did you ever sit in church and have a sermon just "get" you? Anne Reynolds gave one of those sermons at Forestport Presbyterian Church. It was a beautiful analogy of the River Jordan, the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea and how we can choose which one we will be like. I want to be like the Sea of Galilee!

Be Still

I thought this gentle reminder to Be Still and listen to God was meant to be a personal mantra of sorts when I wrote it while wandering the dirt roads near my house. It was one of those days where I was really listening to and observing the beauty of nature around me. When I sang it for my friend, Colleen Bennett, she told me I needed to share it. It has turned out to be a favorite of many! Thanks, Colleen!


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