There's A Song in YOU!
Donna Mucks - Singer/Songwriter/Author



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We Love to Tell the Stories


There's a Song in That, There's a Song in YOU!




I would guess that I am not the only one who has watched the Dancing Clouds, the Winter Signs and been a Weary Traveler?

Who hasn't had days where it feels all we can do is Hold On?


From Prayin' in the Middle of the Bridge to Faith in the Sky, I have learned they are ALL Good Days for Walking and singing and sharing!

Do you believe, as I do, that If We Try we CAN make this world a better place? Great! Then let's journey together!


On my blog you will see how Sagamore Spirits and Walking With Angels helped me to Be Still and find A New Normal.


For You and For Me - Dedicated to our Troops

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